In early October 2017 Dan Hennig (GER) and I met for another BMX flatland action shooting at the "Rote Fabrik" in Zurich (CH). This time I wanted to add some artificial light as well - hope you guys like it. So everything is said - now enjoy his brilliant and inspiring riding style and tricks. I think one can see that we had a lot of fun :-))). 
Dont forget to visit Dan afterwards at Instagram, Facebook or his homepage!
Dan Hennig | Plastikman
Dan Hennig | 180° Tabletop
Dan Hennig | Nosewheelie
Dan Hennig | 180° Tabletop - Portrait - Tailwhip
Dan Hennig | Decade
Dan Hennig | Dan and bike
Dan Hennig | Boomerang
Dan Hennig | Backwheel spin
Dan Hennig | Upside down - no hands footjam - switch pedal upside down spin
Dan Hennig | Tailwhip
Dan Hennig | Brooklyn style posing
Dan Hennig | Just looking good
Dan Hennig | Posing with his bike (sponsored by Enemy components, Vivi Kola & SONY Xperia)
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